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The Hub Vallejo

350 Georgia St Vallejo Ca 94590                                                                                         

About the hub
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350 Georgia Street Vallejo

Shop Hours:

Wednesday 12pm-6:30pm

Thursday 12pm-6:30pm

Friday 12pm-6:30 pm

Saturday  10am - 4pm

Sunday 11pm - 4pm

We are open many other hours for events so check our calendar

The Hub Vallejo was founded in 2013 by a group of local artists in collaboration with The Oddfellows San Pablo Lodge #43. It was started as a place to rally the community behind the idea that art and artists can transform a city for the better.

Many amazing things were born under this roof. A group that was to become The Arts Alliance was born from a meeting of 12 people brainstorming in The Hub. An online events page was shouted out here in that same meeting and has become ArtsVallejo.org. The need for a larger event to bring all the local shops and restaurants together with the artists was felt and Vallejo Art Walk was born here.

The hub is an art space to co-create together. A place to network with other artists and creatives. We have a gallery space to sell your creations. We have a stage area for live music on weekends and an open mic night. A cafe is in the works with fresh baked goods and coffee. A clay area, screen print room, offset press, and photography dark room are all coming soon.

The hub is the UP-Bay’s place to be for creativity.